Scientific and educational center “Ecological technology and energy saving technologies” was created by the Decree of the Minister of Education and Science in Ukraine (№ 210 since 4.03.2009 year) and rector of the university (№ 2-24 since 25.02.2009 year).

The aim of the Center

The aim of the Center is holding of scientific research and development, creation at the world market of competitive scientific and practical results, implementation of innovation activity and providing on this basis of the conditions for realization of the advance scientific and technical specialists training according to the National priority scientific, technical and social program “Science in the universities”.

SEC “ECOTES” is a structured scientific and educational division of the scientific and research part of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and implement scientific research and development, provides conditions for the advanced scientific and technical specialists training according to the priority areas of science and technology development and main areas of the university activity.

Main activities of the SEC “ECOTES”

  • Enhancing of the educational and scientific activities of scientists and university teachers through a receiving by scientific and educational university staff, students, postgraduate and doctoral of the scientific results, creation of internationally competitive scientific and technical development and new technologies, involving of the scientific institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and branch academies for implementation of marketing in science and technical sphere in accordance with the direction of research and development, introduction of innovation activity, attract of enterprises for implementation of scientific research at the university by strengthening scientific and technical training of the students, postgraduate and doctoral students, enhancing professional skills of scientific and pedagogical staff in the way of realization of joint scientific research and development and motivation of cooperation with enterprises at the expense implement of energy-saving technologies and ecological safety.
  • Creating conditions for the university to attract talented youth to the science activity, promoting the accumulation of scientific knowledge, intellectual property by undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students for their subsequent employment in the specialty as a scientific and teaching staff, developers of domestic equipment and technology, managers of science and technology business and governance in the sphere of education, science and technology.
  • Combining of efforts of university departments (institutes, faculties, centers) and research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and branches academies for solving the problems of training highly qualified specialists and creation of a new technologies and national sample of techniques with improving of the forms, methods and means of carrying out the scientific research in advanced relationship of science with the educational process, prerequisites to the formation of innovative structures in the form of scientific, technical and innovation centers with involvement of recourses of industrial enterprises, corporations and venture capital firms for making a breakthrough in energy efficiency and environmental safety in heat energy supply of enterprises in different industry utilities and housing sector.

Principal activities of the SEC “ECOTES”

  • The integration efforts of university departments and research units of the Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on implementation of complex program of NTUU “KPI” “New energy “and the National priority scientific, technical and social program “Science in the universities”.
  • Ensuring active participation of students in scientific research of the center.
  • Creation of internationally competitive practical developments, samples of new techniques, technologies and materials.
  • Preparation of scientific and methodological basis of increasing of qualification of scientific and teaching staff, postgraduate training and retraining.
  • Currently SEC “ECOTES” carries State order to perform work for the National priority scientific, technical and social program “Science in the universities” entitled “Application of tubular technologies for improving energy efficiency and ecological safety of natural gas burning processes”.