SEC " KPI-Bosch"

Scientific and educational center “KPI-BOSCH” established by an agreement between NTUU “KPI” and LTD “Robert Bosch”, approved by the university rector.

The purpose of the SEC ” KPI-Bosch”

The purpose of the center is to provide management, coordination and organization of performance of educational and scientific works performed by educational and scientific departments of the university in accordance with approved programs to ensure training of high quality masters and professionals of thermal specialties and increasing of qualification of heating industry workers and municipal enterprises using modern high technology and equipment.

Main activities of the Center

  • improve the professional and vocational training of the specialists of the energy profile, organizing retraining and courses of increasing of staffs qualification for energy and heating sector enterprises and utilities;
  • operational development and approval of major and priority direction of scientific and educational activities of the Centre in accordance with the curricula of the specialties of the energy field of study;
  • identifying the key areas, strategy and development of scientific and technical programs of educational development and vocational training;
  • coordination of tasks, programs and proposals for carrying out scientific research of undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students in energy environmental issues;
  • considering proposals of structural departments of the university about strengthening of professional component while reading basic courses, additional lectures and laboratory work, which are recommended for implementation at the Centre in order to create competitive scientific and educational products;
  • creation conditions for holding of scientific development and masters research of heat energy issues and promote using in educational process and in production of scientific work results of the Center.

Principal activities of the SEC “KPI-Bosch”

  • management, coordination and organization of implementation of educational and scientific works performed by educational and scientific departments of the university in accordance with approved programs;
  • ensuring active participation of students in the research center;
  • providing high-quality master’s courses;
  • creation of internationally competitive practical research and scientific development;
  • training of scientific and methodological base of increasing of qualification of scientific and pedagogical staff of energy and heating industry and municipal enterprises using of modern technology and equipment.

Main developments and main activity of Coordination Council

For the successful implementation of Centers tasks by order of the rector in accordance with the agreement with the LLC “R. Bosch” in Ukraine was created a Coordination Council, composed of representatives from the NTUU “KPI” and “Robert Bosch” and which:

  • consider and give advice about formation of educational and science policy activity of the Centre;
  • provides and coordinates the activities of the Centre in accordance with the approved development strategy and program of activities;
  • examines, summarizes the international experience of similar works holding and develops programs for their implementation at the Center;
  • review and implement in the Center proposals of structural departments of the university and of LLC “R. Bosch” about the necessity of developing and implementation in the educational process new educational programs and research;
  • form the subject of educational and scientific programs of the University on the respective subjects;
  • involve professionals in the sphere of investment management and attract extra-budgetary funds to carry out these works.

Coordinating Council organized in the form of consultations, seminars and meetings held as necessary but at least one time at every two months.

At the meeting of the Coordinating Council are invited leading experts from NTUU “KPI” and from “R. Bosch”, and other educational and scientific institutions.

Interaction with other structures of the Council is in:

  • forces coordination at the execution tasks of the Center, which are included in the relevant scientific and educational programs;
  • reviewing and approving plans based on proposals of education departments, hearing reports about their tasks performance.