1. High fuel combustion technologies

STC «ECOTES» offers for usage at various aggregates a unified and multi-purpose pipe technology of gas burning with high level of power efficiency and ecological safety. This technology was developed by scientists of «ECOTES» centre.
Video burning in the settings before and after the upgrade.


2. Modern designing and research technologies

STC «ECOTES» offers for studying and application at the industrial enterprises, installations and objects of power profile modern technologies and methods of researches and optimization of complicated processes and systems in order to increase of efficiency and ecological compatibility of its use.


3. Energy saving systems

The growing shortage of energy resources, increasing of energy costs and striving of the enterprises to sustainable development and increasing of the production reinforce the relevance and necessity of development and implementation of scientifically based low-cost methods, means and technologies of energy saving with high level of environmental safety.


4. Modernization of combustion systems

Increasing of energy efficiency of heat and electric energy, savings costs of fossil fuels during its combustion, improving energy efficiency and environmental performance of heat using equipment is possible by the reconstruction of manufactories with new equipment or by upgrading.


5. Ecological safety technologies

STC “ECOTES” offers:

  • designing,
  • equipment selection,
  • installation,
  • warranty and maintenance


6. Training courses

Scientific and Technical Center ” Ecological technologies and energy saving ” offer to pass the following courses:

6.1 – «SolidWorks – modern design technologies and research»

6.2 – «Heat pumps, solar collectors – design, installation»


7. Business-forum activity

The purpose of business-forum activity STC “ECOTES” – increasing of collaboration between scientists and manufactories, increasing pace of implementation of domestic scientific and technological innovations and technologies at the Ukrainian and foreign enterprises, overcoming by society energy and environmental nihilism, improvement self-esteem to the own domestic innovations, implementation of the National idea. more