7. Business-forum activity

The purpose of business-forum activity STC “ECOTES” – increasing of collaboration between scientists and manufactories, increasing pace of implementation of domestic scientific and technological innovations and technologies at the Ukrainian and foreign enterprises, overcoming by society energy and environmental nihilism, improvement self-esteem to the own domestic innovations, implementation of the National idea.

Center makes purpose realization of business-forum activity in various directions:

7.1 Organization and carrying out of scientific and practical seminars and conferences;

7.2 Creating new forms of cooperation with well-known world firms to master new technologies and their use for development of national innovation technologies (such as creation of SSC “KPI-Bosch”);

7.3 Implementation of scientific innovation with help of state innovation programs (for example through the SSC “ECOTES”);

7.4 Offering for using enterprises that produce fuel combustion devices and installation highly effective pipe technology of burning gas with a high level of environmental safety;

7.5 Implementation of workers training and retraining for industrial enterprises of different economy sectors on increasing qualification courses with modern technologies of designing and research and highly effective environmentally safety technologies of energy production and energy consumption;

7.6 Clarification and confirmation the results of the own scientific and practical activity with publications in professional journals and patents.

7.7 STC “ECOTES” offers to the society

NATIONAL IDEA “Sustainable development in the harmony with nature”

Use of the national idea on practice will let the country to exist without shocks, regional and national problems, will avoid the global crises and ecological disasters, will save for the future generations not only natural and ethnic beauty of the country, but also achieve the progress in development with harmony in social, economic and public life of the population.

Main aspects of the National idea:

  • economics;
  • energy;
  • ecology;
  • society;
  • humanities;
  • history;
  • internationalization,

by its execution will be harmonized in the objective and optimal appearance without special legislation acts and enforcement action by the state.

Above mentioned aspects of the National idea appropriate to view from position of opportunity of positive solving of rising in them questions.

Introduction forms of the National idea

Should have so natural character, that people should not see any violent and discriminatory action over themselves, and over business, industries, products and services.

Transition of the country on development by National idea should be so smoothly, so imperceptible as it may be desirable by the population.

Motivation of transiting to life by the National idea should have an objective, positive economic, social and perspective image for existing and future generations.

Stability of the application of the National idea should be at first laid in the Constitution of Ukraine and then arise from objective needs in real life.

Implementation of the National idea should be based on a small number of basic national principles, one of which may be:

The principle of the ecological balance: growth rate of production should not be outstripped of the growth rate of his ecological safety”.

The principle of the economic expediency: production of new goods and services should be directed on the satisfying of people’s needs and increasing motivation of the National idea“.