4. Modernization of combustion systems

Increasing of energy efficiency of heat and electric energy, savings costs of fossil fuels during its combustion, improving energy efficiency and environmental performance of heat using equipment is possible by the reconstruction of manufactories with new equipment or by upgrading.

Using of energy-saving equipment and technology of foreign companies is almost impossible and economically impractical due to its high cost and monopoly.

The success of implementation of energy efficiency and environmental safety programs depends on the level of technical maturity and economic management of enterprises concerning implementation of existing domestic technologies, that promptly allow to realize a powerful upgrade of outdated energy equipment.

At STC “EKOTEZ” was created and implemented unified, low-cost, highly effective, environmentally safe the pipe technology of combustion of gaseous fuel for various types of equipment and installations, that is implemented unique methods and canonical ways to increase energy efficiency and reduction of emissions, namely:

  • high level of turbulization of gas flows;
  • internal regeneration;
  • combined formation of combustion mixture;
  • phasic burning;
  • directly flowing aerodynamic scheme with lower resistance;
  • mikrotorching.

The technology allows realization of burner systems modernization in various units on the basis of pipe modules in a short term.

Burner system modernization in the combustion camera of the gas pipe system