2. Modern designing and research technologies

STC «ECOTES» offers for studying and application at the industrial enterprises, installations and objects of power profile modern technologies and methods of researches and optimization of complicated processes and systems in order to increase of efficiency and ecological compatibility of its use.

Use of modern software Solid Works is offered as one way of conduction researches.

Systems of the automated designing (SАD) Solid Works 2009 (SW ` 09) that are based on the technologies of volume parametrical modeling, since a long time had became an industrial standard for designing the competitive production.

Designing process has iterative character and the designer ought to make numerous changes to the project in order to improve the technical characteristics of object that is designed. Supervision of these changes is difficult enough in view of considerable quantity of changing design parameters. The errors admitted at early stages of designing can strongly influence on characteristics of the developed product and strongly lower its competitiveness. As a result the problem of automatic design gets now special urgency for the majority of the enterprises and design offices.

The qualitative advantage from using Solid Works 2009 is reached due to increasing in degree of typification of the accepted design decisions, as well as due to possibility by lower costs to solve more difficult technical tasks.

Choosing Solid Works 2009 as base SAD system allows the designer of the enterprise (organisation):

  • To realise solid-state and superficial parametrical modelling;
  • To provide full associative property between details, assemblages and drawings;
  • To use the wide interface of import and export of geometrical figures;
  • To carry out the express analysis of fortress of details and kinematics of mechanisms;
  • To use special means on job with the big assemblages;
  • To use simplicity in development and high functionality of system SW `09;
  • To use flexibility and scaling of designing;
  • To use the convenient language interface and the documentation.

SW ` 09 is already used in the educational, scientific and industrial activity.

Students and masters of NТUU «KPI» use the license Solid Works software in course of designing, performing of degree projects, Master’s thesis. Log in of Solid Works computer class to university supercomputer has allowed to expand the circle of tasks of physical processes modeling that arise at performance of research part of the Master’s thesis.

We invite students who want to get knowledge and skills of use of modern toolkit for research and designing of difficult units, cars, mechanisms and systems on courses of improvement of qualification.

Examples of projects of Bachelor and Master students:
1. Finned pipes.

2. Device for burning of waste oil.

3. Industrial furnace.

4. Slot-type heat exchanger