1. High fuel combustion technologies

STC «ECOTES» offers for usage at various aggregates a unified and multi-purpose pipe technology of gas burning with high level of power efficiency and ecological safety. This technology was developed by scientists of «ECOTES» centre.
Video burning in the settings before and after the upgrade.

1.1 General information

The pipe technology of gas burning is based on application of Borda nozzle effects and on the successful implementation of the classical methods complex of the harmful emissions (NOx, CO) reduction in combustion materials.

1.2 Technology features

The technological commonality bounds with the opportunity to develop a burner on the base of this technology for broad control band and for the single heat power with saving high ecological and effective data.

The technology generality is emphasized by its possibility to use, with equally high data of ecological safety and energy effectiveness of gas fuel burning in different aggregate types: boilers, contact heat-generators and in combustion chambers of  gas-turbine units with broad band of slide power control (from 10% to 100%).

1.3 The working out period:

  • fundamental scientific research: 1997 – 2000
  • laboratory and bench researches: 2000 – 2003
  • industrial tests: 2003 -2008

1.4 Sorts of gaseous fuel that are effectively burnt by the technology:

  • natural gas;
  • coke oven and blast furnace gas;
  • biogas;
  • gas-methane etc.

1.5 Types of plants where the technology is implemented:

  • gas-turbine installations as part of gas-compressor units;
  • steam coppers, coppers for water heating;
  • contact and superficial heat-generators;

1.6 Main advantages and benefits:

  • Absence of world analogues (protected by patents of Ukraine and the Russian Federation);
  • Economy of fuel – 10 … 15 % (in comparison with regular system);
  • Increasing of efficiency installation – in 2 … 5 %;
  • Reduction of harmful emissions:
    • nitrogen oxides NOx – in 2 … 5 times,
    • carbon oxides CO – in 3 … 30 times;
  • Lowering of thermal loading on installations;
  • Extension of service life of the equipment;
  • The recoupment period – till 10 months.

1.7 Implementation of pipe technology

in combustion chambers of gas-pipe units, fire chambers of coppers and heat-generators will allow increasing the competitiveness of hi-tech units that are launch by the domestic enterprises.

1.8. Cooperation proposals

STC “EKOTEZ” offers a wide range of cooperation abilities in the field of the pipe technology implementation to organizations, enterprises and corporations:

  • development and delivery of  burner units for specific type of units;
  • license contracts concerning development of the production run of burner units;
  • turnkey modernization of aggregates, arrangements and fuel-burning systems;
  • establishment of joint ventures in order to implement technologies in various fields.

1.9. Video burning in the settings before and after the upgrade

Before upgrade
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After upgrading
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